July 24, 2014
Visuality Systems has announced the release of its new CIFS NQ™ version - NQE that supports SMB3 Encryption. 
February 24, 2014
Visuality Systems has announced the release of its iOS application - CIFS NQ™ Mobile
January 29, 2014
On the 25th to 27th of February Visuality Systems will attend the Embedded World Exhibition in N├╝rnberg, Germany
December 16, 2013
Visuality Systems has announced the release of its latest CIFSNQ version - NQ7.02.
July 30, 2013
Visuality System has released a YouTube video which demonstrates CIFSNQ integrated to a smart device application.This video was taken at the Design West Conference held in San Jose.


The Company

Visuality Systems Ltd is the world leaders in the provision of CIFS based solutions for  Embedded / mobile Systems. Visuality Systems since its beginning in 1998 is fully dedicated for development of CIFS.
With over 100 Blue Chip clients worldwide, who develop and sell products ranging from Consumer devices, Corporate,  Aerospace&Defense, Medical, Industrial automation, and Smart devices. CIFS  NQ™ product line is the most purchased CIFS solution in the world today. Visuality Systems partners many Operating System vendors including Wind River, Green Hills, Express Logic, Mentor Graphics, LynxOS and others. Visuality Systems  maintains close relationships with Microsoft for future compatibility with upcoming Windows versions and with Apple for mutual compatibilities of CIFSNQ and Macintosh.

In addition to our off the shelf solutions we provide a wide range of services starting from integration of an off the shelf solution and going as far as customer needs. This includes porting to yet another OS, performance tuning etc.  As with CIFS NQ™ the list of clients for whom we provide services is a testament to our commitment to technical excellence, customer service, productivity, and cost effectiveness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to retain and build upon our position as the leading provider of commercial CIFS solutions. In the coming years we will continue to develop cutting edge solutions for the Embedded/Mobile markets where manufacturers require a simple and cost-effective method of network enabling their smart devices. We will maintain our commitment to invest heavily in the continued development of our solutions for File Sharing in order to meet the future demands of manufacturers and OEM’s for cost effective, simple to manage smart solutions. Moreover, we will continue to underpin our technical abilities with an unwavering focus on customer care, productivity and cost effectiveness.

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